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Business Credit Line Funding On Remote Control Asset Based Lending And Funding Delivers

Business credit line funding needs can be achieved in more ways than one. The concept of having your funding needs on a ‘ remote control ‘ should be very appealing to most business owners / financial managers. Asset based lending via ‘ ABL ‘ credit lines is one way to put your company on cash flow auto pilot. Here’s how. Let’s dig in.

Businesses requiring SME COMMERCIAL FINANCE funding for cash flow are always challenged by the requirements of our somewhat monopolistic banking system in Canada. The strength, market dominance, and the regulated nature of our banks make it often difficult for companies who are even doing quite well to achieve some or all of the financing they need. Simply speaking they fall ‘ outside the box ‘ when it comes to requirements that include profits, cash flows, clean balance sheets, etc.

The banks requirement of covenants in cash flow, debt, profits, equity simply can sometimes not be always met, and these are typically a written part of your bank arrangements. Firms who fall ‘ out of covenant ‘ with their bank often find themselves feeling not so ‘ special ‘ when they are placed in Special Loans Default dept’s at the bank .

By utilizing your firms current and fixed assets asset based lines of credit allow you to leave your business on a kind of ‘ auto pilot ‘ for cash flow financing. That’s because the combination of accounts receivable, inventory and fixed assets allow you to monetize those assets into one single borrowing base that revolves and can be drawn down according to your cash flow needs.

When properly managed and utilized (and structured in advance!) this type of cash flow funding allows you to”

Finance operations

Engage larger clients/ larger orders/contracts

Finance inventory which in many bank circumstances is sometimes not achievable

Typically you would never use your revolving asset based credit line as a mechanism to acquire new assets – this is typically done via equipment leases or bridge loans that sometimes are more applicable when a firm is in a financing transition.

By the way, in a merger and acquisition scenario the Asset Based Credit Line is an excellent way to successfully acquire a target company.

How does the ongoing access to liquidity work in Asset based lending? A/R is often financed at 90%, and inventory borrowing margins, while depending on the type of inventory class (raw materials, work in process, finished goods) can range from 25-75% borrowing power. Should a business choose to monetize fixed assets as part of their revolving credit facility typically a third party appraisal/valuation is required.

It should be noted that ongoing reporting requirements are typical of an asset based line of credit – in some cases owners/managers might find rigorous monthly ( sometimes weekly ) reporting as a ‘ downside ‘ of ABL cash flow financing . While 99% of the time pricing on these facilities is higher than bank credit the alternative is a liquidity crisis for ongoing operations of growth.

We’ve shown how not all business credit lines are not created equal. If you’re prepared to investigate the applicability of asset based lending to your business seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your funding needs.

Stan Prokop

Nirmal Singh Bhangoo set to Spice-up Australian Property Market.

Nirmal Singh Bhangoo, one of India’s largest land owners and founder of Pearls Global, aims to spice up the Australian Property Development and Housing Market.

Having recently entered the Australian market, Nirmal Singh Bhangoo’s latest concentration on the local market has been led through Pearls Australasia, the Australian property arm of his New Delhi – based Pearls conglomerate. Since his investment in late 2009 of the famous Sheraton Mirage Holiday resort and Spa on the Gold Coast, Mr Nirmal Singh Bhangoo or ‘the Chairman’ as he likes to be called, has released a series of major deals and projects which feature his significant intentions in becoming a key and long-lasting player in the nation’s marketplace.
Headed by award-winning house pair, Joint Managing Directors and Entrepreneurs Peter Madrers and Paul Brinsmead, Pearls Australasia has launched a multi-million dollar update of the Sheraton; a joint business venture with David Devine’s Metro Property Development to create 1000 flats in Brisbane and a thousand property lots in Melbourne; and the local and international development of its MiiHome brand name.
Pearls MiiHome is an worldwide copyrighted creating system that is dispensing original housing for the out of the way location, indigenous, turmoil along with sociable sectors in Australia and India, and workers lodging to mining and infrastructure projects in Qld. It is a product that the chairman stands firmly behind and is convinced will become the future.
Pearls MiiHomes have already been recognized for their ability to withstand the toughest of Australian conditions. A 9.5 star rating and capacity flood, tsunami, cyclones, flames and earthquakes are making these products the ideal replacement for houses ravaged in particular by the early 2011 deluges and storms in Queensland.
Nirmal Singh Bhangoo so far has contributed a couple of houses to homeless families that allows them reconstruct in flooded areas, and gained the right to help the re-build of the Grantham township in the Lockyer Valley.
Nirmal Singh Bhangoo created Pearls in 1983 and under his guidance it’s become one of India’s fastest growing firms and among its greatest non-public landholders, acquiring a diversified investment portfolio with extensive pursuits in infrastructure; civil, commercial and residential development; property development; private hospitals and academic organizations; food, spices and liquor; insurance; tourism; farming; and, mass media and entertainment.
Headquartered in New Delhi, Pearls Group leads the Indian property field, with a coveted focused land bank of agricultural, semi-urban and urban parcels totalling more than 1.5 million acres, which is being engineered by the firm’s real estate and construction arms. Mr Nirmal Singh Bhangoo has long been a founder in real estate, with his entities creating residential complexes and villas, farm houses, residences, hotels & major resorts; business complexes, shopping malls and entire townships.
Pearls Global is today undertaking numerous hospitality, utility and commercial projects on its land to satisfy the requirements of one of the swiftest rising economies in the world. This includes five star hotels, resorts and business hotels at several destinations including Bangalore, Mumbai, Lonavala, Pune and Gurgaon.
Born in the Punjab, Nirmal Singh Bhangoo is also now being acknowledged for his incredible commitment to bettering financial interactions, both with Great britain and Australia. In the past 1 year his family members have accepted honours on his behalf at Parliament Houses as far afield as London and Sydney.
At an earlier ceremony at Britain’s Parliament, Mr Nirmal Singh Bhangoo was also awarded International Entrepreneur of the Year by the British India Society.

Reality Revealed About The Vemma Scam

Can you really make money with this Vemma or Verve thing…or is this a Vemma Scam?

Are you looking to find the honest truth behind the Vemma Scam and wondering if the Vemma money making opportunity is real?

Everybody hates to be scammed and hearing a Vemma Scam is enough to drive someone mad and bang their head against the wall. Are you saying to yoursef, not another Internet scam or another one of those MLM pyramid scheme things.

Whenever we find about something new for the first time, it is but normal to be skeptical about it and think its a scam or not real. When you hear about people making mad money or earning a free BMW or Mercedes Benz from the company. This is why some people call Vemma a Vemma scam.

Since the dawn of Vemma’s success as a network marketing/direct sales company, critics have nothing but negative points about this brand and its products.

The reason for that is some people try becoming a brand partner for Vemma and end up not reaching the success they had hoped for after a few weeks or months and quit the business opportunity because they didn’t find immediate success. Therefore it starts to get called a scam.

However, some have eyes on what Vemma has to offer them, both physically and financially, and those people blow this business out of the water because they work the business right and don’t quit or give up on their dreams.

Vemma is a great vehicle to help yourself and others to get healthy, lose weight, and make more money or even become financially debt free in the future. Vemma Scam: Is There Any Credibility? Another reason why the Vemma Scam is not true is because of the amazing credibility, sponsorships, and endorsements the company has. Vemma is partnered with Dr. Oz from The Dr. Oz Show, and his company called HealthCorps. Vemma and its product line of energy drink supplements called Verve, is sponsored and advertised as the official energy drink of the Phoenix Suns, the Phoenix Coyotes, and Michael Jordan’s team, the Charlotte Bobcats.

The Verve Energy Drink is also the official sponsor of professional NASCAR driver Mike Wallace. Lastly, the most recent recognition of credibility comes from the worlds most popular TV Weight Loss Transformation Specialist, Chris Powell, from ABC’s hit TV Show, Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. Together they have endorsed the Vemma Chris Powell 12 Week Bode Challenge. Check it out for yourself!

Vemma Scam: What Products Do They Have For Consumers?

Vemma was even been rated as the “Best Overall Juice” by Men’s Journal Magazine since it is not just healthy but also available in a delicious and fruity flavor.

The company has 4 different amazing product lines to help not only you get healthy but to help promote and build your business as a brand partner…Check out the products below for yourself.

Here are some of the products that Vemma Nutrition Company offers:

Vemma: Liquid Antioxidant Juice

Verve: Healthy Energy??Drinks

Bode : Weight Loss Program

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Proving there is no Vemma Scam: The Vemma Story and Revolution!

The foundation of Vemma’s success lies firmly in the results achieved from our clinically studied, single-formula product line. At the company’s core is our mission to help others by enhancing their well-being, and offering an income stream to people who introduce others to a product line they believe in.

Behind this movement is the creative vision of Vemma Founder and CEO, BK Boreyko, who is passionate about helping people live the life they deserve. “Considering that the number-one reason for by Solid Savings” href=”#”>personal bankruptcy is illness, and the number-one reason for divorce is financial difficulties, the need Vemma can fill is incredibly important. It’s really hard to feel like you’re living the life you deserve when you’re sick or unhappy.

Vemma has a two-part formula for success that resonates with people in more than 50 countries around the world. The first part is enhanced health through supplementation, and Vemma delivers the results people are looking for, guaranteed. The second part is the sharing of Vemma products. I devote my advertising dollars, literally millions of dollars every month, to the people who choose to champion our mission and promote the Vemma brand. The real power of our success lies in the simplicity of our business model,” says BK.

Vemma combines the extensive knowledge of Chief Scientific Officer, Yibing Wang, M.D., Ph.D., with its talented executive management team, including more than eight decades of cumulative experience in the by Solid Savings” href=”#”>network marketing industry.

Vemma is transforming lives through ultra-premium products, a strong, charitable commitment and a generous compensation plan. It can help you become healthier and happier. If you have a heart for helping people, it may just be the right opportunity for you. Vemma Scam: You Will Not Be Successful Unless You Join The Right Team! The truth of the matter is that in the network marketing or direct sales?? industry, starting your own??home business can be tough. I have been personally in the industry for almost 3 years now. I went through many struggles and defeats during that time but also learned a lot about the industry and what it really does take to become successful.

I am giving you an opportunity to join my team TODAY and receive my step-by-step blueprint system, as well as EXCLUSIVE training and support from me and our team of successful??brand partners??that has helped me personally grow my business from $0 – $1,000/ week in 90 days. Plus get you in the drivers seat of your very own BMW for free as it will be paid for by Vemma…helping you to promote yourself as a leader and your partnership with the company. So do you still think the Vemma Scam is true?

Can you imagine, being able to make $1,000/week or more in the next 90 days. Thats $4,000/mon and $48,000/year. However, it does not end there as you will continue to grow your consumer base, team of brand partners, and have other people getting to work for you. You will have the potential to even generate a 6 figure ($100,000) yearly income in the next 1-2 years.

The only thing keeping you back from creating this lifestyle or even being able to have the chance to be rewarded for your hard work is by making the commitment and taking massive action to join our team.

As I said before, joining the right team can either make you fail hard or become extremely successful and financially rewarded??in this industry. So be sure you join our fast growing team and I will personally show you how to create the lifestyle that you so deeply want and deserve.

We only want people 100% serious and who will take massive action, that will stop the excuses that are holding them back from reaching their potential. You are capable of achieving whatever it is you believe you are able to…so if you believe you can, you most certainly will.

I look forward to having you on the team and showing you how I personally made $1,000/mon residual income and earned a paid for BMW from Vemma after my first 90 days of joining as a brand partner. Vemma has been a blessing to my life and I hope to make it a blessing in your life too!

[high_impact_btn_let_me_in_now link="#" + target="_self"] [/high_impact_btn_let_me_in_now]

Please leave your questions or comments below on this Vemma Scam. Also??please “SHARE” this??article/post with others to help them make the right decision and see if Vemma is??good fit for them.??I look forward to connecting with other like minded entrepreneurs and helping them create an abundant lifestyle of both health and wealth.

Bless and be blessed,

Nathan Argenta

A brief discussion on repairs of washer and other appliances

Home Appliances – a indispensible part of our life When it comes to home appliances there are numerous types of them which are available in the market and there are many new which are being worked on. These appliances have made life very easy, thanks to the remarkable advancement in the field of technology. These appliances have made sure that our domestic life is stress free and there are minimum hazards when it comes to keeping things in order. Over the years various new appliances have been introduced to the market. Dish washer for an example, who would have thought that there can be a device which can clean all the dishes in your home. Al you need to do is to follow certain instructions and you are done! Washing machine is another example; previously it used to be a really hectic task to wash clothes. Imagine you have to wash three o four jeans trousers, and then rinse them. It used to take a lot of time and at the same time it was very laborious. With the advent of washing machine this part has been taken care of, now all you need to do is to dump all your dirty clothes inside the machine, add some detergent, open the water supply, and then turn on the machine; that’s it, all your clothes will be washed after a certain point of time. Having known what difference these home appliances have brought about to our daily life, it is very important to make sure that they are in proper shape and are up and running. One thing must be remembered that most of these appliances are mechanical and electronic devices and they are likely to get faulty after a certain point of time. When any of your appliances get out of order, life can be very troublesome indeed. I any of your appliances go out of order, then the only option you have is to go for appliance repairs. There are numerous repairing agencies and service centers available; however it is always advisable that you made the right choice when it comes to selection of vendors. If you are not sure on who to approach, then you can get in touch with the brand, they have their own servicing department and they will take care of your appliance repairs. Washer – a common home appliance Washers are indeed one of the most common home appliances to be found. When I say washers, I mean washing machines. These appliances have made life very simple for us. It is all about turning on the system and you are done. When your washer goes faulty, life can be really very difficult. In such a case the only option you have is to do a washer repairs. There are many agencies and service centers who take does washer repairs. They have the expert technicians and they will make sure that your system is up and running.

Solve The Problems Of Solvency Ratios By Online Tutoring

These rates are measured to determine the ability of a firm to pay off its long-term reasonable responsibilities. Some people call them as long- phrase solvency rates. Important solvency rates are (i) reasonable financial obligations value amount (ii) finish sources to reasonable financial obligations amount (iii) unique amount.

(i) Debt value ratio
Meaning: this amount indicated the relationship between long- phrase reasonable responsibilities and the value (or traders fund) as such this amount is worked out by breaking long- phrase reasonable responsibilities by traders financial.

Formula: reasonable financial obligations value amount = reasonable financial obligations / value or long phrase reasonable responsibilities / traders sources or external sources / inner funds

(a) Debts are long-term responsibilities having maturity after one year. It is also known as long- phrase sources (or external funds) debentures long-term loans form bank and financial companies and public deposits are examples of long-term reasonable responsibilities.

(b) Investor funds: it denotes the sum of preference talk about reasonable investment value talk about reasonable investment general reserve reasonable investment reserves securities premium balance and credit balance of income and loss A/c etc. by bogus sources (if any) like preliminary costs talk about problem costs discount on problem of share/debentures underwriting commission etc. should be deducted.

Alternatively it can be measured as non-current sources + existing sources existing liabilities

Significance: the reasonable financial obligations value amount of 2: 1 is the norm accepted by financial companies for financing projects it means reasonable financial obligations could be twice the value. This quantity reveals the comparative quantity of economical provided to the company by visitors and by the entrepreneurs. A low reasonable financial obligations value amount implies a greater claim of entrepreneurs on the sources than the loan companies in the organization. It provides security to loan companies on the other hand a high reasonable financial obligations value amount indicated that the claims of the loan companies are greater than those of the owners; it is taken as negative sign.

(ii) Total sources to reasonable financial obligations ratio
Meaning: this amount shows the relationship between finish sources and the long phrase reasonable responsibilities of the organization.
Formula: finish resource to reasonable debts amount = complete resources debt Factors
(a) Total sources (tangible) contains all fixed sources, reasonable investment and existing sources but excludes bogus sources (if any). Investment contains business reasonable investment into shares or debentures of another organization for the purpose of promoting its own business or organization.

(b) The reasonable responsibilities (long phrase debts) have already been described in the context of reasonable financial obligations value amount.
Significance: this amount measures the proportion of finish sources borrowed by long-term reasonable financial obligations. The greater amount indicated that the level of inner ownership is more in income generating activates of an organization and versa.

Alternatively, a better way of making the amount is reasonable financial obligations to finish sources. In that case take reasonable investment employed (internal sources + external funds) instead of finish sources. This would give the level f organization belongings to guests. In fact, it will become the reciprocal of unique amount.

(iii) Proprietary ratio
Meaning: this amount indicated the relationship between value (shareholders fund) and finish real sources and is measured by breaking the traders financial (equity) by finish sources.
Formula: unique amount = traders sources or net worth / finish assets
Factors: both terms traders financial and finish sources (tangible) have already been described.

Significance: normally, unique amount attempts to indicate the part of finish sources borrowed through traders financial. A high unique amount is indicative of strong budget of the organization. The greater the amount, the better it is.

On the internet task help has refreshed and innovative the internet knowledge system by providing help in projects to the learners of all age group. These days, projects help solutions are very popular especially among the scholars who want have good chance by sparing more period in research instead of writing projects. They can simple get some additional a chance to study more and also complete their task sometimes that too from the professional task authors. These task help solutions are totally internet based and are easily online for helping learners with task related problems. One can find various major companies involved in making available different personalized task help and can contact them whenever they are in need of task help.

Recognising Programs For Buying Medigap Insurance

You need the truth about well being insurance, not just what some random individual has said on the Web. There are scores of self proclaimed professionals out there, nonetheless you want to know the correct details & be assured that it is legitimate. You’ll most likely find exactly what you’re in search of in this document./p>

Be conscious that most cancers are not discussed below a fundamental medical insurance plan – only the pre-screenings could be mentioned. There are other insurance plans out there that only cover cancer, but they may not be right for you. Ascertain if you have a higher risk for cancer, high risk would incorporate: smoking, exposure to hazardous chemicals or waste, & age above 40.

In case you have extremely good wellness and do not know of any medical concerns that run within your family, then it’s comparatively secure to select a minimum well being insurance coverage. The charge is linked to coverage. So, why pay for something you aren’t going to use?

Choosing a comprehensive well being insurance plan for you or your family can mean the difference between life and death at several points. While you could go to the hospital, it can cost you a lot of revenue & put you in debt. Getting a health insurance plan will save you a whole lot of trouble and income.

A superb well being insurance tip that may save you a lot of revenue is to ease up on getting pharmaceutical drugs prescribed to you by your physician. Pharmaceutical firms are making a killing from selling pharmaceutical drugs plus the rates will only get further. Only use pharmaceutical drugs if you want to.

Taking a close check out the terms of your well being insurance policy will save you a lot of worry once you need to use your coverage. Grasp the volume of maximum coverage together with any deductibles that could apply to the services you use. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if there is anything you do not understand.

Young folks frequently skip getting health insurance for the reason that they feel they are too young to get seriously ill. Nevertheless, there are causes to seek healthcare that do not involve illnesses – injuries and accidents can occur to anyone at any age. There are plans in particular for younger individuals that can cover these kinds of scenarios, normally with a further deductible & lower cost than conventional wellness insurance.

If you are a school student, check if your university offers a health insurance plan. College health insurance plans could be a remarkable choice if a student is no longer ranked as a “dependent” below their parents’ plan. Trainees who are nonetheless listed as “dependent” below their parents need to check to ensure they are not automatically charged for a university well being plan. Doing investigation into these plans can help you save revenue on wellness insurance.

In summary, you need to be diligent who you take guidance from with regards to wellness insurance. It’s necessary to you that you have the correct info & that is is portrayed in a clear and concise manner. Hopefully the points provided in this post will be more than valuable for you.

See what Medigap rate and what plan you could qualify for now. Find out what thousands of Medicare recipients already know; with a Medicare Supplement Plan from you’re getting accurate healthcare freedom and peace of mind. Not only is it reassurance worth having, however it might save your life! How do your get started? Medicare Pros has contracted with the top Medigap insurance carriers in the country to provide you with the easiest beginning place to solve your Medicare demands. We will do the shopping for you & present you with the finest policy for your individual circumstance. Leave it to the PROS! Who’s Medicare Pros ? With over 40 years of combined experience Medicare Pros is one of the top enrollment centers in the country for Medicare Supplementary solutions. We do not favor 1 insurance company over another; we basically search the industry to find the greatest plan for you. Our major focus is to help you.

Keys To Good Accounting Practices

Keeping Good Records
One of the ingredients of good accounting practices is keeping proper records. No matter how small or large a business, it is essential to have a filing/storage system in place to store all financial records. Financial records include receipts, invoices, bank tellers, cheque stubs, withdrawal slips, bank statements etc. With the advent of online banking, emails and other forms of online communication, more businesses are storing their accounting information in virtual form. More invoices and receipts are now sent by emails to reduce carbon print, whilst more payments are been carried out online than ever before.

Despite the advancement in technology to aid accounting communication, it is essential that all form of records is kept safely for easy access. This is crucial for accurate financial reporting and business decision making. If a business stores more information on IT systems than files, then a back-up system is important for added security of data. Filing systems must be easily accessible preferable in chronological order. It might also be necessary to keep records of incoming paper-format financial information on a system as back-up.

For taxation purpose documents – paper or computer generated must be kept for a minimum of five years after the end of the accounting period of the business.

Accounting Systems
Accounting services vary from business to business; some companies prefer to outsource their accounting to an accounting firm or freelancer accountant. Another option is to hire staff to carry out all financial functions in-house whilst some small business owners choose to perform these accounting functions themselves.

The accounting system a business chooses must be able to meet the needs of the business. A small business might be better off hiring an accountant, rather than invest in a system there will be no time to operate. A large organisation might be able to afford a good accounting package, but the system will be of no use if there is no competent staff to operate it. For effective accounting, businesses must ensure they match their accounting needs with the appropriate system including outsourcing options.

Monitor Information
A business account is like the flip chart at the end of a patient’s bed which shows the vital signs of that business. To keep the business vitals in good condition, businesses should constantly appraise their financial status to ensure a good book balance.

Most medium to large organisations carry out a monthly, quarterly or regular form of management accounting exercise. These reports are for internal use and it enables the business to identify its financial position on a consistent basis. Though meant for internal purposes, it is an effective way to monitor performance and plan for the future.

Legal Requirements
Businesses must satisfy legal accounting requirements whilst in operation. It is also important that they meet the need of the various stakeholders in the company. These stakeholders have a legal requirement to certain financial information, which must be presented in an acceptable format.

Accounts Statements must also be prepared and filed with the relevant Government bodies – in the UK these are HM Revenue & Customs, Companies House and the Charity Commission. They must be in the right format and submitted by the deadlines set by the authority concerned. Failure to file accounts in the right format and at the right time may result in a financial penalty, except in extreme circumstances.

It is therefore essential that an appropriate book-keeping system is in place to ensure information is captured accurately and efficiently. It is also crucial that businesses have “best practice” policies in place to ensure accounts personnel complies with legal requirements.

Account Personnel
Competent accounting personnel are as valuable as the information they provide. Most businesses require the assistance of experienced accountants to collate and file their accounts. Medium to large companies generally recruit their own personnel to look after their company accounting processes. With the credit crunch hitting businesses profit margin, a lot of businesses are outsourcing their accounting services to external firms. Some of the main advantages of outsourcing are the reduction in staff related costs and the wide range of expertise gained from reputable accounting firms.

Whatever product or service a business provides, ethical accounting practices will ensure a business is able to identify its financial position and plan according to ensure its survival and longevity.

Coping With Investment Fraud

investment fraud (also called brokerage fraud) usually occurs when an advisor, a brokerage firm, or a stockbroker give advice to a client against the rules and regulations as decided by the Securities and Exchange Commission. You should not fall victim to deceitful brokers so better study the flimflams used by investment fraudsters and how you can steer clear of them, in this article.

Unfortunately, most of the investment fraudsters take aim at older people. Majority of the senior citizens have the features that fraudsters are searching for. These factors may be their sizeable savings accounts and the inclination to trust more effortlessly. If you fit in to this age bracket, be extra cautious. Invest your money directly with reliable companies, and avoid deceptive brokers unless you are adept at stock market and its nitty-gritty.

You should never sign any document without the presence of a legal representative you trust, particularly if you are not very learned about legalese and technical documentation. In case if you are reluctant to hire a lawyer, therefore you should do your homework in advance.

Watchfully reading and understanding contracts, terms of agreements, and policies that come attached with any investment documentation could prove to be an intelligent move.

Majority of fraudulent companies use the fine print of their contracts and agreements to deceive you. The most common tricks used by investment fraudsters are so-called Prime Bank Instruments. They practice to use the names of the worlds finest and high-status banks in efforts to make you invest your money. They act as if to pool your money with the money of other investors. Initially they may take you away by offering you good returns with the intention that you invest more and tell your acquaintances about it. In point of fact, the returns they offer you are money from their new victims. After one or two buncos, they will run away with all of your money.

If you feel you have discovered a company worth investing in, be careful. Look further into the companys financial conditions and stock position, at the very least. Ensure that that you are dealing with a legitimate company; hence you will not be cheated and scammed of your hard-earned money.

Let’s consider investing in a nationally renowned startup U.S. airline company such as Baltia Air Lines.

Baltia Air Lines, Inc. is a publicly traded New York corporation trading under the symbol “BLTA” on the OTC bulletin board. Baltia Air Lines is currently seeking approval from the U.S. Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) for the right to fly the only nonstop roundtrip flights from NY to St. Petersburg, Russia. The Company has everything in place and ready to go. Baltia has filed with the D.O.T. and has completed its manuals for submission to the FAA once they receive the go ahead from the D.O.T. Baltia’s upper management is extremely confident that the business model will generate substantial revenues and shareholder appreciation. The Company has projected that its first aircraft servicing the St. Petersburg market from JFK will generate on an annual basis gross revenues of more than $90 million with a 17% bottom line. The projections are based upon a conservative 57% passenger load factor and average ticket pricing of roundtrip flights from JFK to Pulkova, St. Petersburg. Passenger load factors should be significantly higher than 57% and at 40% passenger load the Company will break even. Plans to increase service to additional markets such as Riga, Kiev, Minsk and Moscow will add to the already exciting sales numbers of Baltia.

The New York – St. Petersburg market is enormous and rapidly expanding, connecting two major world-renowned cities with populations of 10 million and 6 million, respectively. Baltia’s nonstop service from New York’s JFK airport to St. Petersburg will take approximately 8 hours, as compared to foreign airlines with European connecting flights that take 11 to 18 hours.

That’s a huge difference for legions of business travelers and tourists who fly to St. Petersburg each year (the city has become one of the world’s seven hottest travel destinations as well as a major shipping hub).

Simply put, Baltia Air Lines will offer the fastest, most reliable, convenient and comfortable passenger service – as well as the fastest and most reliable air cargo and mail services.

Baltia is a fully reporting OTCBB company with 270 million common shares issued/outstanding, and 18 million shares in the float (prior to this offering). The company has no debt and no liabilities.

So, as you can see, investing into Baltia Air Lines has a lot of merit and a lot of promise.

Is Forex Trading In India Breaking The Law

The nature of forex trading is such that it can be perceived as gambling and made illegal in some countries. We are fortunate that this is not the case in India and many people are quietly making 1000′s on a daily basis.

Although forex trading itself is not illegal in India it can be difficult to profit from the limited currency pairs that you are allowed to trade. The Rupee currency of India is highly protected by the Royal Bank of India and exchanging it for other currencies is highly restricted. They have been more lenient with these laws recently as to aid the economy by introducing the financial markets, but the rupee is not a volatile currency so it can be hard to profit.

The forex market does not change wherever you are in the world, it still has trillions of dollars traded on it every day and it is still possible to trade 24 hours a day 5 days a week. There is no reason why Indian residence cannot take a piece of this action and in fact many of them are. Many Indians are joining the global financial market every day.

The spread betting companies in India might well be limited to the trading pairs that they can offer but it does not mean that people in India cannot go elsewhere to trade forex. Using a managed forex account is becoming increasingly popular as a method for residence of India to benefit from the complete forex market.

There is nothing illegal about using a forex managed account and it is the simple task of opening an account and giving it to a professional to trade on for you. The benefits include staying within the law and being able to have a much more profitable account in your portfolio.

You do not need to get involved in the task of trading yourself you can leave that task to the professionals. Simply sign the necessary paper work to give the account manager the power to use your account and watch the profits roll in.

It is hard not to see the benefits of using a forex managed account; for one the combined experience of the traders means you are getting profitable trades and not just lucky wins. It is important to remember that although the forex market can be very lucrative it can have a steep learning curve for the inexperienced trader.

There is no need to worry about money in your trading account as it can only be withdrawn to the card from which it was first deposited. All you need to do is sit back and allow the account manager to do his job and of course withdraw the money now and again.

India will definitely have access to the full forex market in the future as it is impossible for them to stay out of this huge earning potential. Until that day comes about using a managed account is the best way to see success in the market place.

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How To Measure Hotel Loyalty Programs Performance

Very often hotel owners or managers start loyalty programs with the aim of attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. These programs offer discounts, free and additional services for customers. For example, if a guest books a suite for three nights he gets free dinners. This is just a simple example, and the best customer loyalty programs can offer great services. However, the time comes to evaluate efficiency of loyalty programs. Many hotel owners and top managers make a mistake of evaluation program results after the end of the program. Its something goes wrong from the very beginning the hotel managers will learn about that only in the end when it will be too late to do anything. Of course, ongoing financial results can tell much but not everything about efficiency of a particular loyalty program. This is where performance evaluation tools come into play. Being armed with knowledge on current performance of a hotel and efficiency of loyalty program, top managers can introduce amendment
s and changes to the program to achieve even better results. It is very difficult to make 100% correct forecasts. Markets change all the time and customers change their preferences. Thus, loyalty programs have to follow these changes.

An increasing number of hotel owners and hotel managers use Balanced Scorecard. This revolutionary performance evaluation and strategic management tool proved its efficiency in hotel business which is characterized by intense competition. Balanced Scorecard does not only evaluate financial indicators (results) but also nonfinancial measures that can tell much about what is going to happen in the near future. Balanced Scorecard consists of four categories: financial, customer, internal business processes, learning and growth. Each category contains key performance indicators which provide top managers with correct and timely information on performance on the loyalty program and its outcomes for business.

Imagine that hotel management has launched customer loyalty program by offering discounts for regular customers and free gifts and services for new ones. As some time passes by, Balanced Scorecard begins to display the first results which are not only financial results. For example, the number of hotel customers may increase and customer satisfaction improves. This means that in the long term the hotel will see and increasing revenue because customers who have participated in loyalty program will most likely come back again. If Balanced Scorecard shows warning signs the loyalty program needs to be changed. For instance it may turn out that providing new customers with free dinners is not profitable at all. Thus, the hotel managers have to look for another way to attract customers.

Loyalty programs have one goal to increase revenue by improving loyalty of existing customers and attracting new customers. At the same time loyalty programs have to be profitable in financial terms. Balanced Scorecard will help optimize costs and improve efficiency of loyalty programs.

Introduction of Balanced Scorecard to the hotel should be supported by the majority of personnel who should participate in discussion of key performance indicators and everyday use of BSC.