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The Importance Of The Bs5852 British Standard For Contract Furniture

It is important for anyone who hopes to sell contract furniture in the UK to become familiar with the new British standard for fire safety in contract furniture fabrics, BS5852. The consequences of not being up to date with this new standard could be catastrophic for anyone who makes and sells contract furniture or if you are a supplier of contract furniture to various institutions here and abroad. By not having your furniture up to code, you could get through an entire order and be ready to deliver only to have your furniture rejected at the governmental level which would be a financial disaster for your business.

So before you even bid on any UK contract furniture business, be sure your manufacturing and design people are well aware of the BS5852 standard and that steps are made to bring your new contract furniture up to code. If you have already completed this step, be sure you alter the tagging that goes with each piece of furniture so the fact that you do produce furniture pieces that conform to the BS5852 fire safety standard is prominently displayed. This is your best bet that your furniture will live up to any bid that will take that furniture to a British destination.

Of course, who of us could dispute the need for setting a high bar for fire safety standards as the British have done with the BS5852 regulations? In an urban setting, the need to do all we can to limit the flammability of institutional furniture cannot be overemphasized. Since so many of your contract furniture sales will go to hotels which means your furniture will fill literally thousands of hotel rooms, making sure your manufacturing standards meet or exceed the BS5852 standard are not just a matter of obeying the law so you can keep selling in the UK markets. It is a matter of the safety of families who use your furniture all over the world.

But the impact of the BS5852 standard goes further than just to those who must make sure furniture conforms at the manufacturing level. It is also important for suppliers, distributors and even buying agents who are looking to acquire good contract furniture for a large scale institutional setting. If you are not aware of the need to comply with this standard, it would be very easy to sell to a customer goods could be put to use because they were not in compliance with fire safety code. While you may be able to avoid financial liability if you are the supplier or distributor because the person responsible for the contract did not know about or specify that the furniture be up to code, if you do that, you risk losing the customer for repeat sales and losing your reputation for honest business dealings which can have a devastating financial impact for you long term.

A better approach would be for you to get a copy of the BS5852 British fire safety standard and get to know it well. Then if you are placing a bid for a large contract furniture job, you can be the one vendor to inform the customer of the need to buy furniture that is up to that fire safety standard or risk seeing the installation be mired in legalities and generate tremendous costs fixing the problem.

If you alert the customer at the bid level, you can be a big hero to that customer which gives you a leg up on winning the contract. Then if you sell only BS5852 compliant contract furniture, you can close the deal before it even goes to general bid because you knew about the need to comply with this important law and you were in step with the regulations. In that way, you take what could have been a negative in trying to live within the BS5852 regulation and you turn it into a positive for your ability to sell contract furniture in the UK markets. That is a smart way to turn the BS5852 standard to your advantage.


Develop Hotel Management Strategy Map To Visualize Goals

What is a strategy map? Is it just a nice presentation demonstrating company goals? Well, some top managers and business owners think so. In fact, this is not true as an effective strategy map shows both goals and ways to achieve these goals. Besides, some strategy maps are very difficult to understand since they contain complex terms and formulas from strategic management theory. An effective strategy map must be easy to understand even for a person without even elementary knowledge of strategic planning. Such a person should see goals and how these goals will be reached. All the rest is unnecessary. An effective strategy map and shows cause and effect ties between goals and measures. For example, if a strategy map contains just one goal of making much money and no ways to implement it this will be a useless document. At the same time, if such a strategy map demonstrates how this goal will be implemented and what needs to be done in several stages, this strategy map can be considered effective. In
this article well talk about hotel management strategy maps.

First and foremost a hotel should develop comprehensive and realistic strategy. It means that strategic goals have to be ambitious and achievable at the same time. On top of that, making a lot of money can be hardly called a strategic goal. A strategy is about future vision, and hotel industry is not an exception here. Thus, a good example of strategic goal would be gaining particular percentage of market share, improve and loyalty of existing customers and attraction of new ones, improving hotel business image and recognition throughout the world and of course increasing profits. Of an effective hotel management strategy map will show what needs to be done to achieve these goals. Balanced Scorecard is perhaps the best tool to design strategy maps that demonstrate cause and effect ties.

All financial goals can be implemented if some improvements are performed in other spheres. As known, Balanced Scorecard consists of four categories which are interrelated: financial, customer, internal business processes, learning and growth. A hotel strategy map will show cause and effect ties between all categories and key performance indicators that each category contains. For instance, in order to increase revenue (financial), it is necessary to attract new customers (customer) which is possible on lee through introduction of new services and improvement of internal procedures (internal business processes) while this is only achievable through improvement of personnel professional level (learning and growth). This simple example demonstrates cause and effect ties between Balanced Scorecard categories and key performance indicators. For example such key performance indicator as customer loyalty directly affects revenue growth since loyal and satisfied customers are more likely to stay and the same ho
tel again. Thus, the hotel strategy works in the long term which contributes to competitive advantage in the market. It needs saying that Balanced Scorecard will perfectly work and the hotel will improve its performance only if improvements in the four categories are achieved. This means that the hotel should be ready for changes.

A Review Of The Sovereign Life Wealth Building Program

It’s no secret we are living in very scary times. In a world of ever increasing economic turmoil, failed social programs and a dying middle class, the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow bigger, all while corporations ship jobs offshore and central banking cartels devalue your purchasing power through currency inflation.

Add that to the disturbing fact that world governments are largely bankrupt with trillions of dollars in debt, forcing higher and higher taxes on their citizens and taking away more and more of your freedoms by tracking your movements, passport restrictions and adding layer upon layer of government financial controls.

You’ve probably began to sense the obvious fact that the “old ways” aren’t working anymore. As more people awaken to this “new world” of heavy handed “big brother” and a police state where the middle class is selectively being wiped out, many people are seeking a way out and financial freedom programs like David MacGregor’s Sovereign Life is one program people are turning to.

What is Sovereign Life and Who is David MacGregor?

For the past 10 years, David MacGregor has been living “off the grid” and beyond the control and heavy taxation of any single government. Since then he has published extensive books and guides on the subject of “how to gain freedom in an un-free world”, where he covers subjects such as offshore banking, international living, online business, asset protection, and various “little known” financial freedom and investment strategies. David created Sovereign Life as a private membership club to help you as a member achieve financial freedom and independence, profit from offshore banking and investments, gain more privacy and security in your life and break free of the “system” and live life on your own terms.

Can David MacGregor’s Sovereign Life program help you become financially free through offshore banking, offshore investments, asset protection and tax reduction strategies?

David practices what he preaches and actually lives the life of an “international man of mystery” so the wealth building strategies, offshore privacy and investment techniques that you get access to with a Sovereign Life membership are proven and battle tested to work. Here are 3 amazing benefits to becoming a Sovereign Life member.

Sovereign Life Membership Benefit #1: Get a World Class Wealth Building and Financial Freedom Education.

Discover how to internationalize your life, reduce your tax burden, legally get a second passport, establish a second country of residence, how to use tax havens, implement the Six Flag Wealth Theory and use the latest digital financial services to maintain your financial privacy and break free from the economic system of slavery.

Sovereign Life Membership Benefit #2: Access Financial Freedom and Private Investment Opportunities.

Finally take control of your financial future and invest like a pro. Participate in an exclusive, private business and investment group, create a high return offshore investment portfolio and gain access to investments that are normally reserved for large banks and the rich.

Sovereign Life Membership Benefit #3: Get Your Hands On Privacy and Asset Protection Products and Strategies.

Once you begin to build wealth you need to protect it. As a Sovereign Life member you’ll get access to asset and privacy protection techniques with offshore bank accounts, offshore trusts, offshore corporations and international business packages.

Sovereign Life Membership Bonus: Participate in the Sovereign Life Private Members Discussion Forum.

Join the internet’s foremost financial freedom community. Meet other outside the box thinkers and like-minded people while you exchange valuable and useful wealth building strategies and information. Grow your knowledge and accelerate your goals by learning together with people who have the same objectives.

Need For Hiring Oc Calif Family Lawyers

Are your family issues weighing you down that you don’t know what to do? Usually do not despair for you’re not alone a lot of couples in South California go through the same, which is the reason you may need professional Orange County CA family lawyers to step in and help.

Why Do You Want Orange Country CA Family Lawyers?Divorce may be the biggest wreck any marriage can face with it comes plenty of undesired consequences. It is a lot to cope with just like the emotional wreckage, the way to divide property, who’ll take custody in the kids and the like. Sometimes the separation is really bad that no agreement can be contacted involving the conflicting couple. Most divorces hit this kind of snag, and that’s why specialist becomes necessary to move things forward.

Financial interest can be something every separating couple targets which is the reason divorce cases can take several years to resolve. Both wife and husband want for top level part of the property and neither desires to down again. Orange County CA Family Lawyers can highlight the need for peaceful negotiations, help out with satisfactory division of wealth between your spouses and end the dispute peacefully without wasting further resources.

Custody of the children never fails to be an issue in a ongoing divorce process. Both sides need to keep your kids as a result it becomes an endless fight involving so many court hearings and lots of money and time being spent to solve a never ending impasse. What if a legal contract could possibly be reached and you together with the ex-spouse could work out an idea on how to spend more time with your children? Would you now discover why a child lawyer is vital with this matter?

Some marriages end badly with one side hesitant to rid yourself of time of happiness they helped built. An estranged spouse could become a stalker but a restraining order ought to be issued with them. Have you got an Ex who refuses to be your past? Are you getting stressed about their stalking habits and require someone to ensure they are in balance?

Oc CA family lawyers may help you have a restraining order immediately and be sure your stalking ex never turns into a problem again.So what can you get from Hiring Orange County CA Family Lawyers?First will be the satisfaction that is included with realizing that someone is assisting you handle the household issue and will also be over very quickly. If you have an Orange County lawyer in addition to your case, you will get the satisfaction that you will be responsible and together with your problem instead of ignoring or despairing on the issues. Divorce processes could be long, tedious and sometimes quite intimidating occasionally.

Though professional Orange County CA family lawyers working with you, the process becomes much smoother and simpler. It feels great to find out that someone is beside you assisting you to fight your battles.Don’t allow your family issues weigh you down and disrupt your future consult Oc CA family lawyers and acquire the reassurance you deserve.

Questions Related to UCMJ Slander

Slander is an act of damaging one’s reputation by spreading false statements. The Uniform Code of Military Justice usually makes an allowance for any conduct outside the realm of respectable behavior. Sometimes people might want to know more about military slander or laws related to that. Military lawyers can provide answers to any such questions that you may have. This article provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about issues related to this.

Does slander fall under a particular type of punishment under the UCMJ?

Though slander is not specifically listed under any Article title, the UCMJ makes allowances for misconduct of any kind. Slander would fit in to several disrespect Articles. Articles concerning Superior Officers and Non Commissioned Officers (NCO). (Articles 89 and 91) If the slanderous statements were made formally (meaning to CID), you would have false official statements (article 107). If the statements were provoking enough, you would face Article 117 (Provoking speeches or gestures). Last but not the least the general article (134) can be applied for anything that brings disrepute to the Armed Forces. This can be liberally interpreted.

Can a service man sue another military member for slander and libel?

Usually, you have the right to sue another member of the military. However, you will have to prove that the other member has lied which could lead to a very messy suit. To prove slander, you have to show that someone has either orally or in writing labeled false accusations against you resulting in loss of reputation. If the statements turn out to be true, it would not be considered a slander and the accused person might defend with that. To win such a suit you have to prove that the person has made a statement which is a lie and because of that you have suffered damage of reputation resulting in financial loss like loss of clients, loss of work etc. You may request the command to press charges and prosecute the people involved with the false statements. Your command could deal the case free of charge. If you still decide to sue, you will need a lawyer.

Is there any rule or UCMJ article that prohibits or punishes slandering or defamation of character for the US Army?

Article 133-Conduct unbecoming of an officer and gentleman- includes the use of insulting or defamatory language to another officer in that officer’s presence or about that officer to other military persons.

How can slander or hostile work environment be investigated in case the only evidence is hearsay?

The outcome of an investigation will not differ only because it is based on hearsay. Your commanding officer will investigate whether the evidence is true or concocted. An investigation officer will be appointed to carry out interviews and review the facts of the case. Once the entire evidence is reviewed and the investigator has spoken to every concerned person, they will recommend action based on the findings.

What is the maximum punishment through court martial for slander?

Slander is not listed as an offense under the UCMJ. There are false official statements which is punishable by Dishonorable Discharge and a term of 5 years. There are also many disrespect offenses committed by junior officers to a senior officer (DD and 2 years). You may go through the Manual for Courts-Martial in your unit or base library. There you will find a list of offenses and the punishments for them.

Slander has the potential to ruin a person’s reputation and livelihood. People are sometimes at a loss as to what to do in such cases. If you are faced with such a situation and don’t know what to do, it is best to ask a military lawyer to decide the best course of action and act accordingly.

Learn More About Tips On How To Handle Buying And Selling Gold Matters

While you may prefer not to think about finances, they’ll always have a significant effect on your life. You should take control of your finances by educating yourself. This articles gives you several suggestions to increase your financial knowledge.

You should be able to control your finances when you make a list of all your expenditures. Your first step should be to determine the amount of after tax income your entire household brings inf each month. You need to include every source of income, not just wages and salary. After this, you have to make sure that what you spend does not go over the income you bring home.

After that, you need to write down all of your household expenses in list form. You need to include such things as insurance, car payments, house payments, groceries, entertainment expenses and anything else that results in an expenditure – big or small. You should include everything you can think of.

Once you have calculated the amount of income that is available, you should be able to devise a workable budget. Look over all your regular purchases and decide what is and isn’t necessary. If you notice you spend a lot of buying and selling gold on take-out, you could cut costs by preparing a home-cooked meal instead. Search out other alternative ways to reduce your expenses.

If you see you bills start increasing, start looking around the house for quick and easy ways to fix up it up and save some cash. Improving your windows by having them weatherized and having water heaters that are more energy efficient are excellent methods of lowering your utility bill. You can reduce your water bill by fixing any leaks you have. Only using your dishwasher or washing machine when you have a full load is also a great way to save energy and water.

Buy appliances that excel in saving energy instead of using appliances that use too much energy. Because you will save buying and selling gold on your utility bills when you operate appliances that require less energy, you save cash over the long term. If you have appliances that have indicator lights that remain lit, you should unplug them because they use a great deal of energy.

Your air conditioning or heating bill could be reduced by checking your insulation or ceiling. These upgrades will essentially pay for themselves in the long run.

These ideas should help you save buying and selling gold and help balance your income with your expenses. You will find that your bills are greatly reduced. Doing this gives you control of your finances.

|When you use these tips, you will be able to cut down on your expenses and save more buying and selling gold . The buying and selling gold you save can be invested in improvements that can save you even more buying and selling gold . For example, you can purchase new energy-efficient appliances and electronics. It is a great way to both increase your standard of living, and obtain better control over your finances.

|Utilizing these tips will help you save buying and selling gold , and keep your expenses and income in balance. The initial cost of reducing these bills is far smaller than what you will save on them in the long run. This is one effective step you can take to improve your long-term financial outlook.

|These ideas will help you balance your income and your expenses. You will be able to save buying and selling gold this way. Get rid of your old appliances and get energy efficient ones instead. Doing this will give you even more control over your cash.

|It is easier to balance a budget using these ideas. You will save more buying and selling gold in the long run if you spend buying and selling gold first and update your home’s appliances and systems. You will have more financial freedom once you lower your bills.

|Initial expenses will be offset by your savings over time. By following these ideas, you can save buying and selling gold and get more for your buying and selling gold ! You have more control over the course of your life when you have your bills in check.

|Here is some excellent advice on saving buying and selling gold and organizing your finances. You will have lower electric and gas bills if you replace your appliances with high-efficiency models. It may cost more upfront, but it will pay for itself in the long run. This allows you to save buying and selling gold on usage.

|Save buying and selling gold with these powerful expense-balancing tips. Upgrades are expensive in the short term, but they’re a long term investment.

|If you want to save buying and selling gold over the long run, replacing appliances and making simple changes to your home can really pay off. Often, repairs and upgrades pay for themselves within a short period of time with lower utility bills.

|Even though some of these plans are an expensive investment, they’ll pay off later. You’ll quickly see your buying and selling gold coming back to you in the form of smaller and smaller utility bills. Over time, you will have a lot more buying and selling gold and financial freedom.

|These ideas are designed to help you save buying and selling gold and help you balance out your income with your expenses. Even though you have to pay for appliance upgrades, you will be saving buying and selling gold on your electric and water bills. This, in turn, will help you become more financially free.

Aid And Attendance Benefit For Elderly Veterans

Attention WWII and Korean War Veterans – The VA will provide you financial assistance to help you or the widowed surviving spouse pay for long-term care.

This financial assistance provides needed money to help these elderly war-time veterans (and their widowed surviving spouse) receive in-home care or offset the costs of an assisted living facility.
And the best part, you dont need to use official VA care or facilities. This financial assistance can be used to pay independent home care agencies and non-government run assisted living facilities. Many families also can get this VA financial assistance to pay a family member to provide the care.
This little-known veterans benefit is commonly called the Aid and Attendance benefit. It is officially called an Improved Disability Pension Benefit with Aid and Attendance Entitlement that provides a tax-free monthly amount up to $1,644 for a veteran or $1,949 for a veteran and spouse.
Widowed surviving spouses who have not re-married are eligible for this same benefit but by a different name. The official name of the surviving spouse benefit is Improved Death Pension Benefit with Aid and Attendance Entitlement. This benefit also provides a tax-free benefit equal to $1,057 monthly.
This improved VA disability pension benefit can be used to pay for in-home care, assisted living facility costs or nursing home care. In addition other qualified uses include medical expenses, prescription drugs, incontinence supplies and more.
Five Steps of Qualification

To qualify for time of service, the WWII or Korean veteran must have served at least 90 days of active duty with at least one day of service between December 7, 1941 and December 31, 1946 for WWII or between June 27, 1950 and January 31, 1955 for the Korean War.
It does not matter if the veterans active duty was stateside or overseas. Discharge from military service also must not have been under dishonorably conditions.Attention WWII and Korean War Veterans – The VA will provide you financial assistance to help you or the widowed surviving spouse pay for long-term care.Attention WWII and Korean War Veterans – The VA will provide you financial assistance to help you or the widowed surviving spouse pay for long-term care.

Invest In Mutual Funds Or Bank Fixed Deposits

I have often seen people planning to Invest in bank Fixed Deposits rather than Equity related Mutual Funds inspite of the growing Indian Economy and rising stock market. Though the times are changing and people have started looking at Equity Investment schemes, but still its only the minority of people savings going into the equity market.

Indians are skeptic about investing in Equities. Reason behind so is lack of knowledge and general awareness of the benefits. One needs to understand that stock markets are the best way to benefit from a country which economy GDP is growing over 8.5% year on year. Stock market basically resembles a Nation’s financial condition which of India is going to get better n better.

Indian Money Is Way Too Conservative

Fact figures suggests that 48% of total American savings goes for investing in schemes related to equities. On the other hand the fact figure for Indian savings money routed to equities stands at a merely small total of just 2%. No wonder, both the Indian Government and leading Indian Stock Exchanges are always keen to generate interest and awareness within the common people indicating towards the benefit of investing in equities for the long term.

Its the lack of Financial Education which keeps Indian savings money away from the Equities, since they are not ever formally introduced to financial planning and Investing. Majority of people believes that small investors cannot earn money from stock market, which absolutely is just a myth and nothing more.

Indian Investors still prefers the traditional way of Investment like Fixed Deposits. In fact Fixed Deposits are so famous and traditional that, during daughters marriage, father often gifts Fixed Deposits!

What Is A Bank Fixed Deposit?

A fixed-income debt security issued by banks. A Fixed Deposit is like loaning the bank your money and in return, they pay you interest which is currently between 8-9.5% p.a.

At this interest rates your money will double approx in 7-8 years. Too less, too late? Read on

Why You Should Not Be Investing In Fixed Deposits?

The most unusual characteristic of a fixed deposit is that the funds cannot be withdrawn for a specified period of time which is usually 3 years since deposit for any reason.

Changes in the going interest rate may also rise to a point above and beyond the interest rate applied to existing deposits done with the banks. This means account holders are actually earning less interest with fixed deposits than with other types of products.

What is a Mutual Fund?

A Mutual Fund is a investment scheme maintained and run by professional fund managers working under the name of a Financial Institute or a Fund House. Money is being collected from different and many investors and then collectively put in a pool account from where the fund managers makes Buy and Sell trades according to there own group research and investment objectives.

Dalal Street people prefers you thinking that what they do with your money is some rocket science and you are absolutely not the right person to take your own financial decision so that they keep earning fat commissions for themselves you being entrusting them your hard earned money.

Though its a different case that of course you can also invest your money yourself with little bit of research and with the help of expert Indian stock advisory services like Winfromus which generates higher returns than the different Mutual Fund schemes.

But never the less, there are some real good fund managers out there too, doing what they are best at and most of the good names has been successfully generating 13-15% Compounded Annual Growth Returns (CAGR) since the past 5-6 years.

CAGR Projection over the next 3 years from Indian Stock Markets

Conservative projection suggests that the Indian markets can deliver CAGR of 15-18% over the next 3 years and optimistic like me expects 20% CAGR over the next 3 years with the right selected stocks and sectors.

20% CAGR is not just a dream, but it is also fundamentally backed by growing GDP, country’s financial condition and over all economical and business development which is on course and expected to grow at a descent pace.

Fixed Deposits Returns are Guaranteed, Mutual Funds Are Not – What about my money safety?

Well, for a matter of fact nobody can guarantee you returns while investing in equity via any possible way, since it involves risk. But theres a way to cut the risk virtually to Zero levels and still get benefited the most. The secret is Systematic Investment Planning (SIP).

Systematic Investment allows you to stay invested without worrying to time the markets or about the volatility we see in stock market. In fact SIP works out best when markets are volatile. The funda of systematic investing works on a simple formula invented by world’s most genius ever Albert Einstein – Power of Compounding.

While SIP, rupee cost averaging and compounding of returns/interest earned on principle over a period of time compounds together and puts significant impact on wealth creation over the long run and stock market being a cyclical asset, it is very likely that you will see a higher end where you may take profits and then go conservative.

Do you know how much money can be made on investment of just Rs 10,000/- per month at a CAGR of 20%? I have done the maths, here’s the result -

* Rs 10k/month Invested for 5 years at 20% CAGR to become 10 lacs
* Rs 10k/month Invested for 10 years at 20% CAGR to become 35 lacs
* Rs 10k/month Invested for 15 years at 20% CAGR to become 95 lacs
* Rs 10k/month Invested for 20 years at 20% CAGR to become 2.4 crore

Eventually In 25 years 10000/month @ 20% CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) to become 6.1 crores and in 30 years 10000/month @ 20% CAGR to become a whopping 15 crores. The longer you invest, the higher would get your returns.

Think Mature, Aim Higher, Plan and Set A Goal…

Fixed Deposits cannot generate the kind of returns stock markets will and theres no doubt about it. If you are young and want to Invest and grow your money big, equities are the way to go. Don’t be skeptic and look at the brighter side of investing in Stock Market, you don’t get such money making opportunity in a lifetime.

Returns of fixed deposits may not even beat Inflation rates, then whats the use of saving money in them and allowing money to sit idle to generate lesser returns on investment when a simple SIP in equities can do a better performance for your money? Think about it..

Happy Investing!!

Avoiding The Irs Wrath

Please remember that prevention better than a cure. The axiom of an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure holds true with the IRS and the issuance of IRS bank levies and IRS wage garnishments. Levies and garnishments are strong arm aggressive collection tactics employed when the IRS believes that the delinquent tax payer is being uncooperative and non-responsive.

If you cannot pay all taxes owed when filling your return, submit IRS Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request. Form 9465 provides for an installment agreement. This permits you to pay back taxes owed to the IRS over a period of time while avoiding collection activity. The IRS installment agreement are generally accepted without question when certain conditions are met. Code section 6159(c) provides as follows: (c) In the case of a liability for tax of an individual under subtitle A, the Secretary shall enter into an agreement to accept the payment of such tax in installments if, as of the date the individual offers to enter into the agreement–

(1) the aggregate amount of such liability (determined without regard to interest, penalties, additions to the tax, and additional amounts) does not exceed $10,000,

(2) the taxpayer (and, if such liability relates to a joint return, the taxpayer’s spouse) has not, during any of the preceding 5 taxable years–(A) failed to file any return of tax imposed by subtitle A,(B) failed to pay any tax required to be shown on any such return, or(C) entered into an installment agreement under this section for payment of any tax imposed by subtitle A,

(3) the Secretary determines that the taxpayer is financially unable to pay such liability in full when due (and the taxpayer submits such information as the Secretary may require to make such determination),

(4) the agreement requires full payment of such liability within 3 years, and

(5) the taxpayer agrees to comply with the provisions of this title for the period such agreement is in effect.

The installment agreement plan should be acceptable for tax payers facing a first time tax delinquency under $10,000 that make reasonably aggressive monthly payments. The law also provides, at section (c)(3), that the IRS must determine that you are “financially unable to pay” the tax in full and on time. A financial statement, IRS Form 433-A reflects all income, expenses, assets and liabilities. IRS Form 433-A establishes your “disposable income.” The IRS equates disposable income to ability to pay

The IRS is precluded from collection activities such as bank levies or wage garnishments when an installment agreement is filed or during the pendency of negotiations of the agreement. Code section 6331(k)(2)(A). The IRS may revoke the agreement and undertake enforcement action after thirty days should the taxpayer default on the agreement.

The failure to file Form 9465 when filing a tax return without full payment may result in immediate collections. Th IRS will initially send a simple written notice reminding you you forgot to pay al of the taxes owed. This form letter will appear in five to eight weeks after the return is processed. The IRS asks for payment and calculates interest and penalties. Response and payment in conjunction with this correspondence avoids “further accumulations of interest and penalties.” Penalties and interest will continue to mount if one fails to pay the tax debt owed. The initial notice is not a notice of intent to levy as the requirements mandated by code section 6331(d)(4) are not satisfied. The final notice is marked “final notice” and provides your right to a due process hearing. The hearing is provided under code section 6330. This hearing shall occur before enforcement action may commence. Only the final notice effectuate the IRS’s enforcement rights under code section 6331(a).

All responses to IRS notices to collect back taxes or tax debt should be in writing and sent via certified mail with return receipt requested. Advise the IRS that you cannot pay the entrie IRS tax debt or tax liability in full and that you need an installment agreement. Include Form 9465 and advise on the form how much you can afford to pay on a monthly basis. Submission of the installment plan and submission of an offer in compromise will toll aggressive enforcement actions.

Advise the IRS as follows: “I do not have the income or assets to be able to pay the bill in full and enforcement action will cause an undue economic hardship by making it impossible for me to pay my living expenses.” Request an installment payment amount you calculated based on your actual income and expenses. The IRS will attempt to utilize their table for allowable expenses in your area. The IRS will request additional information via IRS Form 433-A if additional financial information is necessary or needed.

Excessive delays and failure to respond to the IRS will result in issuance of the final notice or notice of intent to levy. This notice requires immediate response. Absent immediate response, the IRS will initiate aggressive collection tactics. Contact the Tax payers advocate service or retain professional help. I provide help for reasonable payments that are generally easy to meet because I understand your situation.

Correspondence to the Taxpayer Advocate should include the final notice, the date that your received the final notice, and an explanation why you cannot endure enforcement. Include an installment agreement with this correspondence.


Uncollectible status may arise when a tax payer simply cannot pay and cannot meet a reasonable installment plan obligation. Uncollectible status results in a freeze of collections, but it also tolls your statute of limitations. Uncollectible status requires unemployment, health reasons, very low income, or a showing of undue financial hardship. Uncollectible status may be requested via IRS Form 9465. Line 11 reflects how much you can pay so put $0.00 “Zero” and advise at the bottom that you are “seeking uncollectible status.” Advise why you cannot make a payment due to your harsh financial circumstances.

Penalties and interest will continue to accrue even when the account is marked uncollectible due to financial hardship. Seek professional help to discuss options such as an Consider an Offer in Compromise, bankruptcy or other strategy to reduce or eliminate outstanding and mounting back tax obligation.

Wage and Bank Levies

Bank levies and wage garnishments are extremely difficult matters to handle, but there is recourse. A wage levy attaches to the next paycheck. All money beyond current tax withholdings and the minimum exemption amounts will be taken by the IRS. The IRS can take all money in your bank account[s]. Bank levies are governed by section 6332(c). Section 6332(c) mandates that a bank surrender your money to the IRS after 21 days. Your bank account is frozen in the interim of this process. You only have 21 days to act or that money is gone. NSF fees will accumulate and you will not be able to utilize your account or even get another account. The bank will charge an additional $ 100.00 fee for good measure. Bank levies are serious and difficult matters to handle. You should immediately consider consulting with a professional if your bank account has been levied.

Sucess sucess mantra vashikaran specialist

Also, a student used this mantra in her business activities. There was a customer who was always shouting and criticizing. The student asked her secretary to hold this mantra in her hand when she talked to this customer. When the secretary held the mantra, the customer completely changed, was gentle, totally different, more respectful. It was a big surprise for all of them. This mantra has unbelievable benefits. It is the bodhisattva Akashagarbha mantra, Bodhisattva -Essence of Sky-. You can recite it and wear it. Mantra for Success OM SVASTI KAMAALA KSHIVI PULA SAMBHAVA DHARMADHATU GOTSARA SVAHA

You can also recite different mantras for success. You should do the Blessing of Speech in the morning. This will give power to your speech. Also, doing this practice will increase recitations of mantras by 10 million times. Even chatting becomes a recitation of mantras.

You can also recite the Mantra for All Success seven times a day:



Mantra for Success Rinpoche gave the following mantra for success. Action Mantra for Completion of Success I prostrate to the Three Precious Sublimes I prostrate to the Buddha I prostrate to the Dharma I prostrate to the Sangha NAMO HARI DIYEH HARI DIYAH KUMARI GOHRI GYENDAWARI CHENDALI MATANGHI KALEH KALEH, MORHAY HI KARA KARA, PARTSA PARTSA ABADAYA, MUCHAYA MARSHARMA NARYAJ SVAHA OM BOORA BOOPAH JWALAH JWALAH JWALI MANA NI TAY PEE SABAR SAMSKARA KARAY NIJAR TALAY TALAY JWALAH SVAHA

Mantra for Success[posted Aug. 2006] Rinpoche gave the following advice on the use of the Mantra.

This mantra-the bodhisattva Akashagarbha mantra-has incredible benefits. Not only can you recite it, but you can wear it. Mantra of one of the 8 Bodhisattvas that is called Akashagrabha: Bodhisattva -Essence of Sky”: OM SOTI KAMBALA SHI VI PULASAMBHVA DHARNA DHATU GO TSAR SOHA*

Difficult Astrological Date Rinpoche gave the following practice and mantra for when you have to do something on an inauspicious astrological date, astrological configuration, or time. This is the practice to pacify the shortcomings of time, date, star, and so forth, and to accomplish success. Remember the buddhas and bodhisattvas who are in the direction where you are going. Put your palms together and recite: I prostrate to the three rare sublime ones (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha). I prostrate to the tathagata, enemy-destroyer, the owner of the date, star, moment. TA YA THA / NAGA DRE / NAGAPATI / SARVA TITI MUHURTATI / NAGA DRA NAMA SADUNTE NI BAWENTU SOHA Recite this three times, then all your works will succeed.

overcoming financial difficulties Mantra SAYADAYA THEDN / DZINI / GHRINI / SARVA ARTHA SAADHANI / SHASHINI ALAKSHMINI / SENAA SHAYA SIDDHAYANTU MANTRA BADAAH SVAHA OM BHRI KUTI BARAMA SU BHAGE SVAHA (3x) For anyone who recites this three times,1 all opposing forces will perish and you will become the fortunate one. You will have good fortune and you will have unceasing wealth. When you recite this and then go to see someone, that person will regard you as his/her child, will be happy, and will do exactly as he/she is asked. If you recite this unceasingly, even if Brahma and the Brahmins do violent activities to bring harm, you won’t be affected. It also becomes as if having made offering to many buddhas. The Bhagavan has proclaimed it like that. Then the Bodhisattva Compassionate Eye Looking One Endowed with Qualities rejoiced and highly praised the teaching of the Bhagavan.2 The Sutra of the Exalted Great Glorified Female One is completed.3 This practice is for overcoming financial difficulties, especially if someone is causing you financial problems, but also to empower financial endeavors that are dependent on others to bring success. Prayers and Mantras for Success Mantra for Success OM SVASTI KAMAALA KSHIVI PULA SAMBHAVA DHARMADHATU GOTSARA SVAHA

You can also recite the Mantra for All Success seven times a day: TADYATHA NAKSHEDE SAPHA DITTHI MUTENA SHATRANI MESA MITA DAHNI BAHPHENTU SVAHA

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